Transforming the Mobility of Cities

Collaboration and Innovation

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For the Future of Mobility we want:

To establish a model of change, bringing together the #innovation and #collaboration of the entire ecosystem: administrations, cities, corporates, startups, etc.

To generate leading projects around the Challenges that accelerate the adoption of more sustainable and digital mobility in cities.

Challenge 1: How to accelerate the adoption of Multimodal Mobility as a real option for sustainable mobility in urban environments and LEZs?

  • Public Transport as the backbone of mobility with MaaS mobility services.
  • Intermodality between transportation modes.
  • Multimodal Platforms and Interoperability.
  • Data Management and sharing.
  • Incentives and mobility attractors.

Challenge 2: How to accelerate the implementation of Proximity Mobility as a way to reduce motorized mobility and increase healthy active mobility?

  • Urban agenda: recovery of the neighborhood scale, mix uses prioritizing pedestrians. Active mobility.
  • Tactical urban planning and recovery of public space: traffic calming, new use of spaces (games, recreation …).
  • Maximum accessibility and a level of motorized mobility that is compatible with pedestrian road safety.

Challenge 3: How to accelerate the transition towards Zero-Emission Electric Mobility as the basis of sustainable motorized mobility?

  • Access to Electric Vehicles.
  • The recharging infrastructure.
  • Overcoming people’s barrier to change.

Challenge 4: How to optimize Urban and Last Mile Logistics to make it more sustainable and compatible with proximity mobility?

  • Intermodality in Urban Logistics.
  • Digitization and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Infrastructures and specific vehicles for the last mile.
  • The relationship of last mile logistics with the proximity mobility.

The solution to these challenges can only be found through collaboration and innovation.

Sustainable Mobility Change Makers

We speak with the most influential people in the sector to learn about the trends and innovations proposed for the ecosystem.

Sustainable Mobility Change Makers Forum

If you are

  • a manager of a Corporate that is changing the mobility paradigm.
  • a CEO of a company or startup working on disruptive solutions to impact and accelerate change in sustainable mobility
  • a City decision maker related with mobility issues

In short, if you are a change maker in this sector, this is your forum.

We encourage you to participate in private meetings where we will learn about the most innovative initiatives that corporates, companies and startups are developing, together with the best corporate venturing practices and quality networking.

If you are interested, write to us at info@elfuturodelamovilidad.com, including a link to your LinkedIn profile, and we will keep you informed of upcoming meetings.

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About us?

The future of mobility is the result of the efforts of many work groups and companies committed to innovation.


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The Future of Mobility

The Future of Mobility is a set of #drawing projects developed from the #innovation and #collaboration of the entire ecosystem that aims to respond to the great #challenges to be solved and to accelerate the transition towards sustainable #mobility.

It is powered by the CONNECTED MOBILITY HUB and its innovation consulting arm MOVEN

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